Write to Labor MLCs


An MLC is a Member of the Legislative Council, or the “upper house”. These politicians do not have a specific electorate or area, but represent the State as a whole.

After you have written to Labor MLCs, also write to other MLCs

Writing Guide


The most effective way of writing is to write a single email text, and send individual emails to the Labor MLCs listed below. That way you can start each email “dear ***” with the MLCs name. 

If you do not have the time, then send one email CCd to all MLCs.

Either way, also copy the Premier and Attorney General on every email:

[email protected]
[email protected]


Introduce yourself and say where you live, something about your family, community, or church/mosque/temple etc. 

Say that you are writing about the “Conversion Practices” bill introduced by the Government. 


Thank the MP and the Government for their commitment to protecting religious freedom, and the genuine negotiations with faith leaders.


Point out that the legislation is not clear at some important points, including not defining “suppression”. 

Tell the MP that you do not understand (or it is unclear) what you are allowed to do and say. You may include not being sure whether:

  • Parents can set rules and standards for their family, not just “discuss” sexuality.
  • Faith leaders can directly teach individuals their faith’s teaching on sexuality and encourage them to follow those teachings.
  • People can respond to genuine requests for support and advice without fear of being prosecuted.

Tell the MP that you have attached a letter from heads of faith explaining the issues.

Your request

Ask the MP for a response – will they take the time to consider the letter from faith leaders and support amendments that clarify areas of uncertainty.


Thank the MP for their attention and their commitment to religious freedom.

Ensure you include your name and address. This is so the MP’s staff can confirm that you are a member of their electorate. Letters without an address are often ignored

Attach the letter

This letter has been written by faith leaders to all MPs to point out concerns with the legislation. It is asking for moderated and sensible refinements to the bill that would help the Government fulfill its promises to protect religious freedom.

Click to download letter

We recommend you don’t simply put the link in your email, but make it an attachment. Attachments to emails are usually taken more seriously than links.

Labor MLC Contact Details

The Hon. Mark Buttigieg MLC
The Hon. Anthony D'Adam MLC
The Hon. Greg Donnelly MLC
The Hon. John Graham MLC
The Hon. Courtney Houssos MLC
The Hon. Rose Jackson MLC
The Hon. Dr Sarah Kaine MLC
The Hon. Stephen Lawrence MLC
The Hon. Daniel Mookhey MLC
The Hon. Tara Moriarty MLC
The Hon. Cameron Murphy MLC
The Hon. Bob Nanva MLC
The Hon. Peter Primrose MLC
The Hon. Penny Sharpe MLC
The Hon. Emily Suvaal MLC

Your next step

When you have written to Labor MLCs, the next step is to write to other MLCs on the link below

Authorised by Mike Southon, Freedom for Faith, 168 Chalmers St, Surry Hills NSW