Resources for churches and faith groups

These resources are here to help you communicate with your faith community about the threat from “conversion therapy” legislation and encourage them to take action through this website.

Contact us if you need other resources or help in raising this issue.

Text for announcement, newsletter or email

For contacting Labor MLCs. This is a follow-up campaign to the original one for contacting local MPs.
Note that this text has embedded links for electronic newsletters.

Write to Labor MLCs about “conversion therapy”

Many of us have already written to our local MP about “conversion therapy” legislation. 

Our next opportunity to have our voice heard is by writing to Labor Members of the Legislative Council (MLCs)

(MLCs are members of the “upper house” of Government. They do not look after specific electorates but represent the State as a whole)

By writing now, you can help raise this issue with an influential group of politicians who otherwise would not understand our concerns.

For the original campaign for contacting local MPs.
Note that this text has embedded links for electronic newsletters.

Act now on religious freedom and “conversion therapy”

The NSW Government have announced that they will be introducing ‘LGBTIQ conversion therapy’ legislation this NovemberThe draft proposal is modelled on the Victorian legislation that severely restricts religious freedoms to teach, pray and counsel on matters of gender and sexuality. 

Labor have made clear promises to protect prayer, religious teaching, and consensual requests for support, and not to use either Mr Greenwich’s or Victoria’s legislation. We are calling on Chris Minns and the Government to honour their promises, and we are calling on the Opposition and cross-bench to reject any bill that undermines religious freedom.

The most important thing right now is for lots of people to contact their local MP.

This website has tools and guides to help you write to, call, or arrange a meeting with your local MP to talk about conversion therapy and religious freedom. The site has how-to guides, talking points, and hand-outs  everything you need to make contacting your MP as easy as possible.

Visit to make a difference today.

Please take the time to call or write to your MP, and consider if you or a group of people could ask for a meeting.

Slide for announcements

Summary of Labor's promises and our requests​

A fully referenced summary of Labor’s commitments, and our requests. Developed and endorsed by a wide range of faith leaders.


Two flyers have been developed that can be printed or emailed. The flyers are intended to raise a particular issue around the legislation and point people to this website for action. Each one takes a different approach to the issue, and will be appropriate for different audiences. 

Check back for more flyers as they are developed.

How bad is the Victorian law? See for yourself...

This video has been created by the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Right Commission to tell faith groups what they are and are not allowed to do and believe. This video is an excellent summary, in their own words, of how dangerous and patronising the Victorian model is.

The time to speak up is NOW.