How Did We Get Here?

The Creation of the Anti-Discrimination Bill 2024 

 In March 2024, the Queensland government released the draft Anti-Discrimination Bill 2024, which will replace the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991. The release of the draft Bill marks the end of a long process of discussion about anti-discrimination reform in the state. 

The Queensland government has engaged in a community consultation process since 4 May 2021, when the Attorney General asked the Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC) to undertake a review of the existing Anti-Discrimination Act from 1991.  

The QHRC then produced a discussion paper framing the issues in November 2021, and they produced a final report in September 2022.  
Read the discussion paper here.  
Read the final report here. 

Queensland heads of faith participated in the consultation process and made submissions outlining their concerns with the recommendations made by the QHRC. It is a great disappointment that the Anti-Discrimination Bill 2024 ignored all their concerns and recommendations.  

If enacted, this bill would do significant damage to religious freedoms in the State of Queensland. 

The window for submissions on the Bill has closed, and there is not a clear timeline for the Bill to pass through Parliament. However, the Queensland government has committed to the introduction of the legislation in this term of government. 

NOW is the time to contact your MP and tell them to FIX THIS BILL and protect religious freedoms.




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