Stop Alex Greenwich's
“Equality” legislation

On March 22, the Conversion Practices Act was passed by Parliament. This legislation is different to the “Equality” bill, which is still active and going before a Parliamentary inquiry (see below).

Read more about the Conversion Practices bill on Freedom for Faith’s website.

Alex Greenwich, the independent member for Sydney, has introduced a bill called the “Equality” bill. The bill has been before Parliament since mid-2023, and has been extended multiple times.

If it is passed, this bill will:

  • slash religious protections forchurches and schools
  • allow people to change their sex on their birth certificate at any time
  • allow children bypass theirparents to get medical treatment and surgery
  • and legalise commercial surrogacy

It has now been sent to a inquiry, and the Government is asking for public responses through their survey. This survey will only take one minute to complete and will clearly show your concern about this issue.

This 50-page bill poses many risks. Click on the links below to read more:

A danger to children
Undermining religious organisations
Attacking religious education
Promoting prostitution and endangering women
Legislating gender ideology

Unlike other bills, the “Equality Bill” does not just address a single issue. Instead, the bill is 50 pages long and makes large, complex and wide-reaching changes to NSW laws. If passed, this bill will: 



different pieces of NSW legislation.

change over


sections of NSW laws.

insert over


new provisions into the NSW statute book.

impact over


different areas of the law, including anti-discrimination, the safety of children, prostitution, mental health and the criminalisation of speech.

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Authorised by Mike Southon, Freedom for Faith, 168 Chalmers St, Surry Hills NSW