Resources for the "Equality" Bill

These resources are here to help you communicate with your faith community about the threat from “conversion therapy” legislation and encourage them to take action through this website.

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Parliament has delayed the vote on the “Equality” bill debate until March 14, giving us more time to convince them to reject this bill. 

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Alex Greenwich, the independent Member for Sydney, has introduced a second bill that would undermine religious freedom. He has called it the “Equality” Bill, and if it passes it would:

  • Slash religious protections for churches and schools
  • Allow people 16 and over to change their sex on their birth certificate at any time
  • Allow children to bypass their parents to get medical treatment (including puberty blockers)
  • Remove restrictions on prostitution
  • Legalise and support commercial surrogacy

This bill will be voted on March 14th, and we have not had any guarantees from the Government that they oppose it.

It is urgent that we contact our local MPs to tell them to reject the “Equality” bill in full.

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