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Sending your letter

The most effective email is one personally written by you and sent from your email address. Letters do not have  to be long – even a two-paragraph letter will show your concern. 

The writing guide below will help you write an effective letter.

Send the email to:

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Copy the Leader of the Opposition and the Shadow Attorney General:

Writing Guide


Address them as “Dear MP not found”, or “Dear MP not found”

Introduce yourself and say where you live, something about your family, community, or church etc. 

Say that you are writing about faith-based schools and how important they are to you.


Explain why it is important to you that faith-based schools can operate according to their faith.

You can tell a story about how the faith community of your school has helped you, your family, or someone you know.

Explain that faith-based schools are about the parent’s rights to educate their children in the values that they have chosen

Your request

Ask the MP for a response:

  • Will they protect the rights of parents to have their children educated in their chosen faith and values?
  • Will they protect faith-based schools ability to operate according to their faith?


Thank the MP for their attention and their service to the electorate.

Ensure you include your name and address. This is so the MP’s staff can confirm that you are a member of their electorate. Letters without an address are often ignored

Example email text

This letter is provided as an example. It is always best to write your own letter, however this example is based on a few of the discussion points above and is provided to help you start. 

If you are basing your letter off this template, make sure you replace the sections in **[brackets]**

Dear MP not found,
or Dear MP not found,

[write a paragraph about yourself, include what suburb you live in or how you are connected to the MP’s electorate. You might mention your family, your cultural background, your faith, what church or place of worship you attend]

I am writing to express my support for faith-based schools in Australia. I believe these schools should have the right to employ staff who align with the faith of the school. This is important because faith-based schools aim to provide an environment that reflects their religious values. For students to fully experience this, all staff members should be models of that faith.

Allowing faith-based schools to choose staff who share their beliefs ensures that the school's values are consistently upheld. This consistency helps students learn and grow within the framework of that faith. It also provides a supportive community for families who choose these schools.

I ask if you will protect religious freedom and support the ability of faith groups to maintain their faith identity in employment. This is crucial for faith-based schools to continue offering an education that aligns with their beliefs.

[enter your name, address and phone number. Your address is needed so MPs know you are legitimately from their electorate.]

Authorised by Mike Southon, Freedom for Faith, 168 Chalmers St, Surry Hills NSW