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The “Conversion Practices Ban Bill” is not good legislation, but it is a lot better than the proposals that came from Alex Greenwich or the Government Taskforce last year (you can read more here).

While we are very disappointed by what was not fixed, we can thank our politicians for what they have done, and we can let them know what we want them to do next.

  • Thank Labor MPs for negotiating in good faith with faith leaders
  • Thank them for creating protections for faith, families and medical professionals
  • Point out our disapointment that our requests to clarify those protections were not acted on 
  • Ask them to make the protections clearer, and to ensure that all their promises are kept as the law is implemented. 
  • Ask them to protect religious freedom as other laws come up, including the “Equality” bill

Writing Guide


Send the email to: MP not found 

Address them as “Dear MP not found”, or “Dear MP not found”


Thank the MP and the Government for their commitment to protecting religious freedom, and the genuine negotiations with faith leaders.

Thank them for the protections for families, faith communities and medical professionals. 

Your request

Say you are disappointed that they did not use the amendments that would have made the law clearer.

Ask them to ensure that their promises are kept as the law is implemented, and to protect religious freedom as other laws are discussed this year – including the “Equality” bill


Thank the MP for their hard work serving the people of MP not found 

Your next step

If you have written to your local MP, the next step is to write to Opposition and minor party MPs who tried to strengthen the bill.

Example Letter

This letter is provided as an example. It is always best to write your own letter, however this example is based on a few of the discussion points above and is provided to help you start. 

If you are basing your letter off this template, make sure you replace the sections in **[brackets]**

Dear MP not found,
or Dear MP not found,

I am writing to express my gratitude for considering religious freedom while passing the 'Conversion Practices' bill. Your effort in engaging with faith leaders shows a commitment to a respectful dialogue and acknowledges the role of faith communities in our society. The exemptions granted to faith communities, medical professionals, and parents highlight this sensitivity and I am thankful for these provisions in the legislation.

Despite these positive steps, I am concerned that some key amendments were not accepted, which could have made the legislation's intentions and boundaries clearer. This lack of clarity could pose risks to religious freedom, an issue of great importance to many in our community. I respectfully ask that as the bill is implemented, careful consideration is taken to ensure that religious freedom is not negatively affected. Your dedication to the needs of our electorate is appreciated and I trust that this matter will receive the same thoughtful attention. Thank you for your ongoing commitment and hard work.

[enter your name, address and phone number. Your address is needed so MPs know you are legitimately from their electorate.]

Authorised by Mike Southon, Freedom for Faith, 168 Chalmers St, Surry Hills NSW