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The Liberal Party and National Party supported amendments to the “Conversion Practices” bill that would have made the legislation clearer and the protections stronger.

  • In the Legislative Assembly (the lower house), no amendments were moved, but many MPs gave speeches in support of changes and improvements.
  • In the Legislative Council (the upper house); Liberals, Nationals, Shooters and Fishers, One Nation, Libertarian and independent MPs all moved and voted for amendments (you can thank them in a separate email below).

Your MP, MP not found MP not found, did not make a speech, but their party was strong in protecting religious freedom.

This is our opportunity to thank them and encourage them to continue fighting for us. 

Writing Guide


Send the email to: MP not found 

Address them as “Dear MP not found”, or “Dear MP not found”


Thank the MP for standing up for religious freedom, and supporting amendments that would have made the bill better. 

Your request

Ask them to commit to implementing these amendments if they are in Government.

Ask them to keep defending religious freedom as other legislation comes up.


Thank the MP for their hard work serving the people of MP not found 

Your next step

If you have written to your local MP, the next step is to write to Opposition and minor party MLCs (upper house) who tried to strengthen the bill.

Example Letter

This letter is provided as an example. It is always best to write your own letter, however this example is based on a few of the discussion points above and is provided to help you start. 

If you are basing your letter off this template, make sure you replace the sections in **[brackets]**

Dear MP not found,
or Dear MP not found,

I am writing about the Conversion Practices Bill that was recently passed. I appreciate your stance on defending religious freedom. Your efforts to propose amendments that would protect faith communities and parents were particularly noteworthy. I believe these changes are critical for maintaining our community's diverse beliefs and practices in harmony.

Can you assure me that you will work towards the implementation of these amendments once your party is in government? It is important for many people that you continue to advocate for religious freedom. Thank you for the dedication you have shown in representing our interests and for your tireless commitment to the well-being of our electorate.

[enter your name, address and phone number. Your address is needed so MPs know you are legitimately from their electorate.]

Authorised by Mike Southon, Freedom for Faith, 168 Chalmers St, Surry Hills NSW