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Sending your letter

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Writing Guide

An effective email is polite, friendly and short.

Emails are first read by the MP’s staff, who are extremely busy and are usually dealing with a very full inbox. If they can quickly scan the email and understand your point, they are able to convey your concerns to the MP – especially if dozens of other people have also written expressing the same issues.


Address them as “Dear MP not found”, or “Dear MP not found”

Introduce yourself and say where you live, something about your family, community, or church/mosque/temple etc. 


Say that you are writing about the draft Anti-Discrimination bill.

Say that you are concerned that the bill will undermine religious organisations (or religious freedom) in Queensland. You could mention:

  • It will stop religious organisations and schools from employing people who live out their faith
  • It introduces tough restrictions on speech
  • Judges will be authorised to decide what is “reasonable” for religious organisations
  • The law allows politicians and other groups to choose who they employ, so faith groups should be able to do the same.

Attach the letter

Say that you have attached a letter from heads of faith explaining their concerns (see more details below)

Your request

Ask the MP for a response – will they take the time to consult with the community and fix this draft?  


Thank the MP for their attention and their service to the electorate.

Ensure you include your name and address. This is so the MP’s staff can confirm that you are a member of their electorate. Letters without an address are often ignored

Attach the letter

This letter has been written by faith leaders to all MPs to point out concerns with the draft legislation. 

Click to download letter

We recommend you don’t simply put the link in your email, but make it an attachment. Attachments to emails are usually taken more seriously than links.

Example email text

This letter is provided as an example. It is always best to write your own letter, however this example is based on a few of the discussion points above and is provided to help you start. 

If you are basing your letter off this template, make sure you replace the sections in **[brackets]**

Dear MP not found,
or Dear MP not found,

[write a paragraph about yourself, include what suburb you live in or how you are connected to the MP’s electorate. You might mention your family, your cultural background, your faith, what church or place of worship you attend]

I am writing to express my concerns about the new draft of the Anti-Discrimination bill. The bill presents a serious threat to religious organisations, as it would prevent these groups from maintaining a strong community of faith through their employment choices. Faith groups need to be able to employ individuals who not only share their beliefs but also live out these beliefs in everyday life. This is important because the authenticity of a faith community is bolstered when all members practice their faith in every part of their lives. The draft bill unfairly singles out religious organisations with different rules compared to other groups, creating an unjust double standard.

I have attached a document signed by a variety of faith leaders who share their worries about this bill. I seek your response on this matter. Will you stand for religious freedom and ensure faith groups can preserve their faith identity when they choose who to employ? I urge you to oppose this bill.

[enter your name, address and phone number. Your address is needed so MPs know you are legitimately from their electorate.]

Authorised by Mike Southon, Freedom for Faith, 168 Chalmers St, Surry Hills NSW