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Anti-Discrimination Bill

In February 2024, the Queensland Government released their draft Anti-Discrimination Bill. This is a very large bill that would fundamentally alter the operation of Queensland’s discrimination legislation.

While many of the sections of the bill are commendable, the legislation will not protect people of faith. Instead, it will force faith organisations to defend against claims of discrimination simply for trying to employ people who uphold their faith.

The legislation means that a religious organisation (church, mosque, temple, charity or school) can only require their staff to live in accordance with the faith if it is “reasonable and proportionate in the circumstances”. This means judges and bureaucrats will be deciding what is “reasonable” for a faith to believe and require.

The legislation also completely prevents religious organisations from considering “other protected attributes” like sexuality, gender or relationship status, which means that:

  • A Jewish school could refuse to employ someone if they eat pork, but not if they are moonlighting as a prostitute
  • A Christian church could require employees to say they believe that sex should remain within heterosexual marriage, but cannot require them to live that way
  • A Muslim women’s group could refuse to employ a woman who is not wearing a hijab, but not if they were a biological male who has ‘transitioned’.


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Restrictive rules on faith groups’ employment.

Judges deciding what we can believe.

Dangerous powers for activists.

Religious groups forced to act against their faith.

A double standard.

One rule for politicians, another for faith groups

How did we get here?

The process leading up to the release of the draft legislation.

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Authorised by Mike Southon, Freedom for Faith, 168 Chalmers St, Surry Hills NSW